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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April is for Mom...

She called my name in panic and then joggled me hurriedly, "Wake up, you did not tell me you have your economics exam today. Why are you are still sleeping?"
"Please Ma, it's day after tomorrow. Let me sleep." I turned on the other side of my bed and hid my face under the comforter. Last night I had studied till 3.00 am. 
She was annoyed and losing patience, "Your friend is sitting in the living room, waiting for you. I don't understand why you are so careless!", she reprimanded me pointing at the clock "Get up, you should have left by now." It was eight in the morning.
She shook me again,"Get ready in 15 minutes. I am going to prepare breakfast", and she left hastily.
My eyes were wide open in panic- from last few days I had been practicing for my accountancy paper and she said economics.
I rushed from my bed, and ran downstairs to confirm with my friend. I hardly had any time. I would fail, I was in extreme panic. After reaching the living room, she wasn't there.
"I walked towards the dining hall and found my mom gazing intently at the newspaper. She put down her reading glasses and lowered the newspaper, "She is in the washroom." I went near washroom but door was open, and still there was no clue of my friend. Finally my attention dawned upon my sister who couldn't contain herself anymore and started laughing hysterically. She had been fooled an hour ago with the same prank. Now our mom joined in laughing and jumping like a teenager and shouting "April fool, April fool."
This incidence is still vivid in my memories of 1st April among many others. Our mother being a morning person always managed to fool us in sleep or even otherwise. And none of us in the family are spared from her pranks, not even our father
P.S. This year due to my travel plans, I won't be taking part in April AtoZ challenge. Though you can check my previous years' participation posts of April challenge here:


  1. Hahaha.... really amazing style of mom to make you fool!!

    1. Hahaha I can create an entire 1 April-comics on her ways to fool us, she always came up with something unique and creative.

  2. hahah! that was really cute! :)

  3. Hahahaha wow that's such a supercute April Fool by mom... And for sure it would work everytime
    From A to Z
    Travel Tales

    1. Haha yes she played so many different pranks on us during all those years. and she still comes up with some or the other prank if not on April 1, it could be on festival of Holi... 🙈

  4. That's a good one. Your mom knows very well about your "allergy" for exams.

  5. Hahaha! That's a good prank to play on unsuspecting kids!! Your mother rocks!! :)

    1. Thankyou Shilpa. She was laughing after reading this post and remembered those few the pranks which didn't turn as she wanted hahahaha

  6. Moms can be cool too...

    I'm a lil disappointed you're not participating this time. But have a great trip. I'm gonna miss reading your posts.

    Do drop by mine. This time I have collaborated with Instagrammers for images to go with the posts. It's been going great thus far. Would love to know your feedback.


    1. Thanks CRD. I am enjoying my trip being with family. I will definitely read your posts. Sorry for replying late.


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