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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Educating her...

Lightly rolling her hands on the bulge of her stomach, she smilingly said, “everyone says it will be a girl”. Her face was pale, eyes were dry, she seemed tired yet somewhere in tranquility. In 6 months pregnancy, she was coming on the job of cleaning utensils in households.
“Are you happy?” I pried.
“ It’s God’s wish, but girl or boy, I will teach my child. I want it to become something, not like me.” She took a sip of milk from the steel glass in her hands and looked far away with golden sunrays falling on her face.

Image courtesy : PoetryLikers

P.S. According to All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE), India has registered its best performance on the Gender Parity Index (GPI) at 0.94 in 2016-2017 from 0.86 in 2010-11. More women are educated than men in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Kerala.
However, i
n many traditional families, living majorly in backward states or rural areas, women still struggle with their basic rights to get higher education to empower their lives. The dogma behind not educating girls in many backward households is that educating a girl is waste of money since their ultimate role is to give birth and take care of the entire family. In some areas, people fear their daughters’ security will be compromised, since schools and colleges are far from their homes.
What is the situation of girl education in the place you live? 


For this year's April A to Z challenge, I will put forward 26 women issues from 26 alphabets. These issues will be inspired by "real-life events" and will highlight social issues and other faced by women.  Some of these issues might be globally prevalent.
With AtoZ challenge like all- bloggers worldwide, I too pledge to write on each day of April, except on Sundays.
Drabble is a piece of fiction strictly in 100 words. 


  1. It's wonderful that more and more people are recognizing the need to educate their daughters. As they say, education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom and self-sufficiency. People should realize that marriage of daughters can wait, but education cannot and that they need to start early for that!

  2. Make a girl independent by making her more educated....a girl will keep your family level one step up

  3. कम से कम इतनी शिक्षा तो हो कि वह अपने अधिकारों के लिए खुद को तैयार कर सके और घर हो या बाहर अपना शोषण नहीं होने दे।

  4. एक लड़की शिक्षित हो तो पूरी पीढ़ी शिक्षित हो जाती है।

    1. मैं बिलकुल सहमत हूँ।

  5. In our family we always wanted a girl. But never got one. My daughter was the first girl born in our family in the past 85 years. Hope we don't have to wait another 85 years.

    1. Its so wonderful SG that you are blessed with a daughter. There is a different bonding one feels with daughters. Although sons are no less.

  6. The cities are better, we have many girls educated, and working in almost all the sectors, now in my cities i see plenty of girls working in the corporate sector as HR and Managerial positions. Situation is improving and I see even a lot of women riding, driving cars.. the rural india is my concern, and those living in poverty, and lower middle class still do not support girls education, as they worry about getting a suitable match and they save up money for dowry.

    1. Oh yes women are being educated more and becoming more independent. But this dowry, it is still not an evil thing in many minds, be they are women or men.


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