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Friday, April 6, 2018


“Beta, can you cook?” Mother of the boy started conversation with an old age question. Today was the formal meeting between two families for the alliance of their children. 
Feminist father of the girl replied, “No, she cannot. You see, we never pushed her in kitchen.”
He paused, turned his face towards the potential groom for his daughter, smiled and inquired, “What about you son, I hope you know how to cook? 
DNA information imprinted on Y-chromosomes was taken aback, X-chromosomes present there were perplexed too, something that has never occurred before just happened. Every creature present there was frowning...
कभी पूछ ही लेते 
शाम की चाय के लिए 
 ताउम्र तरसी हूँ मैं 
किसी और ज़ायके के लिए ।

P.S. Cooking is not gender specific and hence not the sole-role of women. In many homes situations are changing but in many homes time is stagnant. Couples are happy where things are changing, husband might be happy where time is stagnant.
P.P.S. Cook for the women in your life (especially mothers) if you have not yet, they would cherish those special warm and fresh meals from you.
For this year's April A to Z challenge, I will put forward 26 women issues from 26 alphabets. These issues will be inspired by "real-life events" and will highlight social issues and other faced by women.  Some of these issues might be globally prevalent. 

With AtoZ challenge like all- bloggers worldwide, I too pledge to write on each day of April, except on Sundays.

Drabble is the piece of fiction strictly in 100 words.


  1. Love the father. We need more like him. Thankfully, with the onslaught of food shows and celebrity chefs on TV, more number of men are entering the kitchen. Though they do it infrequently or for the passion of food, but it is a change, nevertheless. But yes, there are a LOT more who still cannot boil water and cannot take a glass of water on their own and still consider that a kitchen should be a woman's domain only.
    How to Travel with Friends and Still Be Friends after the Trip #AtoZChallenge

  2. Time is changing n so is thinking but yes there are people who create hurdles in the changing atmosphere also.... nice to read this article... waiting for more..

    1. True Ashima, there is a big chunk of that kind of people as well, the human-hurdles.

  3. I was smiling while I was reading this post - enjoyed this conversation of X & Y chromosomes... recalled some of my experiences in the joint family, my mil ensured that my husband never entered the kitchen as he felt that it was not his job. I had a tough time managing, once my daughter arrived - everything changed, my husband ensured that he was there to help and supported me.

    1. I am glad, X and Y chromosome line put a smile on your face. I thought I made it too geeky.
      I have known many men witnessing change of heart after becoming father of daughters. I wish and pray, there is atleast one daughter in every home. ❤️ I am glad arrival of daughter gave you the comfort that you deserved.

  4. The girl's father's statement, "We never pushed her in kitchen," was what struck me the most.
    Food is what is important, not who has cooked it. Yes, this very old gender divide is fast breaking down, if not already broken down.
    We should let children grow on their own, giving them lot of space and, more than anything, emotional support.
    The less things are gender-specific in this world, the better it will be. Hopefully, we are all moving in that direction.
    Good post.

    1. So true Pradeep it is fast breaking down, some credit goes to our Hindi movies, which show macho-men cooking and doing household stuff and then another goes to globalization, where people get more exposure...

  5. If you look at traditional job by gender, cooking is a man’s job. So the husband should cook. There was a famous saying ‘Nala baagham’, which means someone who cooked delicious food just like Nalan (or Nala). Nalan, the husband of Damayanthi was supposed to be the best cook in the world. Take restaurants. Most of the cooks are men. Take any caterer for marriage function. Most of the cooks are men. So why not men at home also?

    1. You know when I cook its sometimes good, sometimes average and sometimes bad. But when GK (my husband cooks) it is always sumptuous...

  6. I do prepare tea on Saturdays. However, I think I'm not too good in the kitchen. I do make up for it by helping with household chores such as running the washing machine, giving the kid a bath and ironing the clothes.

    I know, I know...I'm good :p


    1. Hahaha yes definitely you are good. Its amazing that you have written here, people should do house-hold chores jointly. The roles can be divided from cooking to taking care of children, rather than making them one person’s job.

  7. I loved the poem you included in this Shesha!! And yes cooking is so not gender based but hwy is that its always the woman who feels the need to get up and help out even in someone else's house? I know I do it all the time!

    Harry Potter by JK Rowling #atozchallenge

    1. Thankyou so much Shalini. I think it is in our natural make-up, we don’t want to burden anyone and also we have quick response for other’s needs. You have a great point there.


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