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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The vile predators...

Don't leave
those savage ones
to freely roam
outside the home,
for the daughters
are not secure
at night and day
or in any way.
Why some men 
have criminal minds
and others around
are virtuous kind
It could be the
misogynistic thinking

or possibly
a wretched parenting
Why our society
must be such
where in dark
the innocent hides
and out and loud
predator rides... 

When parents of girls fear and stop them from going out alone, especially after the dark...

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  1. Perfectly said.

    Sadly, the wolves freely roam the streets. If only the good ones were more alert and proactive came together to push the wicked back.

    1. Sometimes even the good ones and brave ones become the victim of violence. Remember Nirbhaya case where her friend was beaten brutally. Many of them are people with easy money and easy power, that some parents pass onto their kids. And then never care about what they’ll do outside the home!

  2. If a predator is involved in child sex abuse, those kinds of people don’t just go after just only young girls. Many of them go after young boys too. So the parents of young boys also have to be careful.

    1. Rajan children are not safe even at home. With children one has to be more careful and as you said in previous post there should be a database in India as well like US. Here I talked about women who are restricted to go out alone or stay out till late. Why parents never keep a check on their sons as well, why some parents put all restrictions on the daughters only!

  3. These predators are born because of influence of the genes, parenting and the environment in which they are raised. But whatever the reason, they should certainly should not be a part of our society!

    1. True Shilpa, in an ideal society women and men should enjoy freedom alike!


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